PRC Projects

Center Grant

Kathryn Stewart and Paul Gruenewald

The Education and Dissemination Component capitalizes on the knowledge generated by the previous Center Grants and research at PRC and elsewhere as well as the emerging information provided by the new research components to better inform alcohol prevention efforts at the community level. These efforts are designed to incorporate knowledge of the social ecology of alcohol problems into policy and practice in communities through the development of innovative tools that link research findings to decisions in communities.

The research being carried out for the Center Grant have important implications for prevention, especially related to underage drinking and risky drinking among young adults.

The Education and Dissemination Component will develop and strengthen translational processes for this research through three main activities.

  1. Developing web-based tools to guide community prevention leaders in planning and decision making processes using a logic model approach. This will be carried out in conjunction with Environmental Strategies to Reduce Community Alcohol Problems: A Randomized Trial.
  2. Developing guidance materials based on key research findings from past and on-going PRC projects.
  3. Disseminating guidance materials using communication channels found to be useful and effective, including a dissemination website; an electronic newsletter tailored to the interests of communities by highlighting community efforts; and promotion of materials to gatekeepers and opinion leaders at the national level.

This component will facilitate the adoption of effective alcohol problem prevention strategies at the community level through the development of innovative methods for putting research into practice. These strategies have particular relevance for the prevention of underage drinking and risky drinking among young adults.