PRC Projects

Center Grant

Environmental Approaches to Prevention

In its 31st year of operation, the Prevention Research Center (PRC) has been funded by the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism as an Alcohol Research Center. This current Center grant includes interrelated projects designed to enhance our understanding of the role that social and physical environments play in determining how people use alcohol and the kinds of problems they experience related to alcohol.

Communities all across the country are increasingly aware of the health and social problems related to alcohol use. Alcohol related traffic crashes, of course, are a visible and well-known consequence of the risky or inappropriate use of alcohol. Other alcohol problems also have costly and sometimes tragic consequences, including other accidental injuries, child abuse and neglect, violence, risky sexual behavior, addiction, and chronic disease. The emphasis of most PRC projects is on the reduction of alcohol-related problems through changing social environments rather than through working with individuals who have or who may develop alcohol-related problems.

In its current five-year grant, PRC is carrying out research in 50 California communities. The projects focus on five important topics: