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What is the Prevention Research Center?

The Prevention Research Center (PRC) is a national center for prevention research on alcohol and other drug problems. Located in Oakland, California, PRC was founded in 1983 as part of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE). PRC is one of fifteen centers funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and the only one to specialize in prevention research. As an NIAAA-sponsored center, PRC is committed to the application of science-based approaches to alcohol problems as well as other drug and social problems. The Center's research applies existing scientific knowledge to real-world settings and gathers further scientific information on the effectiveness of these applications.

The emphasis of most PRC projects is on the reduction of alcohol and other drug-related problems through changing social and physical environments.

What is the PRC Resource Link?

The PRC Resource Link is a website of the Prevention Research Center dedicated to providing information and practical guidance to state and community agencies and organizations, policy makers, and the general public who are interested in combating alcohol and other drug abuse and misuse. The materials on the website are based on the scientific research and analysis of the Center. At this website, visitors can learn more about current and recently completed projects, access useful documents published by the Center, and review an extensive library of prevention resources

How does the PRC Resource Link website differ from the main PRC website?

The main PRC website contains detailed information about the scientific research of the Center and is generally designed for the scientific, medical, and academic communities.

The PRC Resource Link website is designed to disseminate its research to the general community including local, state, and national organizations, government agencies and policy-makers, law enforcement officials, church leaders, community activists, and concerned citizens. The PRC Resource Link interprets and presents specific research for use in the real world in order to prevent alcohol- and drug- related abuse and misuse.

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What tools are available online from the Prevention Research Center?

The Center has a variety of tools available online to assist the community in the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse.

The Resource Link website contains recent PRC publications, a directory of useful links to other alcohol- and drug- related prevention organizations, media releases, and brief summaries of select research projects.

The main PRC website provides more detailed prevention information including a project directory containing a summary of the many current projects of the Center; a publications directory which can provide information about publications written by PRC staff; several multi-media presentations containing information concerning the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse; and a resource guide providing additional information, including a directory of government and non-profit organizations dedicated to alcohol- and drug-related issues.

One of the most valuable and useful tools we can provide to the community is direct access to the scientists and support staff responsible for the research conducted at PRC. Any staff member can be contacted directly by telephone or e-mail by proceeding to the biography section of the main PRC website.

How can I contact the Prevention Research Center for additional information about the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse?

The staff of the Prevention Research Center is available 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)., Monday through Friday, to answer any initial questions and direct you to the appropriate staff member for additional information. The Center can also be contacted via electronic mail at center@prev.org and a staff member will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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