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Roseville set to vote on fines for people who host underage drinking parties
The Sacramento Bee - September 2015

Frequent drinkers are more likely to neglect supervising their children
UCLA Study - May 2015

Lower Levels Mean Fewer Fatalities
The New York Times - May 2013

Link Between Neighborhood Bar Density And Intimate Partner Violence-Related Visits To Emergency Department
Medical News Today - February 2012

NIH-supported studies show online course helps reduce harmful college drinking
NIH News - September 2011

Study Finds Juvenile Offenders Often Released into Risky Neighborhood Environments
UCLA Newsroom - October 2010

Geography of Drug Markets and Child Maltreatment: How Practice Informs Research
The National Association of Social Workers California News - November/December 2010

Birmingham City Councilman Steven Hoyt Seeks Liquor Store Limit in Neighborhoods
The Birmingham News - May 10, 2010

Dangerous college drinking: Prevention is possible, studies suggest
News Release - June 15, 2009

Colleges, communities combat off-campus student drinking
News Release - June 15, 2009

Communities Containing More Alcohol Outlets Show Increased Underage Alcohol Access
News Release - May 21, 2009

As College Drinking Problems Rise, New Studies Identify Effective Prevention Strategies
News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH) - June 15, 2009

Australia lags behind world on zero tolerance for drink driving
By Angela Saurine and Kate Sikora
Sydney Daily Telegraph - November 24, 2008

Neighborhood Alcohol Outlets Tied to Kids' Injury Risk
HealthDay News - September 4, 2008

OR: Thirty-Six Oregon Towns Cracking Down on Underage Drinkers
The East Oregonian - April 30, 2008

Cities eye earlier bar last calls
The Boston Globe - September 10, 2006

Bars make for rough neighborhoods
Reuters - June 26, 2006

Brazil's New Closing Time
By Andrew Downie
Time - June 30, 2006

There's no benefit to lowering the drinking age
By Robert Voas
Christian Science Monitor - January 12, 2006

Study: Teens Who Make Public Virginity Pledges Just As Likely To Have Sex
The Associated Press - April 26, 2005

Law enforcement best way to deter underage drinking
By Tim Christie
The Register-Guard - December 27, 2004

College drinking is not a given
By Paul Gruenewald and Robert Saltz
Christian Science Monitor - December 14, 2004