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PRC scientists contribute to numerous publications based upon the research conducted at the Center. Some of these publications that may be of interest to policy makers, practitioners, and the general public are listed below and may be viewed online. For a complete list of PRC publications, please visit the PRC Publications Directory.

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Facts and Myths about College Drinking: A Serious Problem with Serious Solutions
By Kathryn Stewart
Prevention Research Center
May 2013


Prevention Interventions of Alcohol Problems in the Workplace
By Genevieve M. Ames, Ph.D., and Joel B. Bennett, Ph.D.


Environmental Approaches to Prevention in College Settings
By Robert F. Saltz, Ph.D.


Regulating Availability: How Access to Alcohol Affects Drinking and Problems in Youth and Adults
By Paul J. Gruenewald, Ph.D.


Strategic Media Advocacy for Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws
By Phillip M. Wilbur and Kathryn Stewart


The Impact of Local US Tobacco Policies on Youth Tobacco Use: a Critical Review
By Karen B. Friend, Sharon Lipperman-Kreda and Joel Grube
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine
August 2011


The Young Impaired Driver Problem: Prospects for a Safer Future
By Kathryn Stewart


Drug Markets and Alcohol Outlets Predict Neighborhood Violence
By A. Banerjee, E. LaScala, P. Gruenewald, B. Freisthler, A. Treno, and L. Remer


Trends in Methamphetamine Use in California: Characteristics of a Drug Epidemic
By Gruenewald et al.


The Geography of Drug Market Activities and Child Maltreatment
By Bridget Freisthler and Nancy J. Williams


Youth Drinking Rates and Problems: A Comparison of European Countries and the United States
By Bettina Friese and Joel W. Grube


The Young Impaired Driver Problem: Recent Developments and Future Progress
By Kathryn Stewart, Barry M. Sweedler


Young Impaired Drivers: The Nature of the Problem and Possible Solutions
A Workshop - National Academy of Sciences Jonsson Conference Center


Worldwide Trends in Impaired Driving: Past Experience and Future Progress
By Kathryn Stewart, Barry M. Sweedler


Frequently Asked Questions about Preventing Underage Drinking: Community Policies and Enforcement
By Kathryn Stewart


Traffic Safety and Alcohol Regulation
A Symposium
June 5-6, 2006
Irvine, California


Alcohol Advertising: What Makes It Attractive to Youth?
By Meng-Jinn Chen, Joel W. Grube, Melina Bersamin, Elizabeth Waiters, And Deborah B. Keefe
Journal of Health Communication


Building Capacity and Sustainable Prevention Innovations: a Sustainability Planning Model
By Knowlton Johnson, Carol Hays, Hayden Center, Charlotte Daley
Evaluation and Program Planning


Wine Preference and Related Health Determinants in a US National Sample of Young Adults
By Mallie Paschall, Robert I. Lipton
The Journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence
June 2005


How Alcohol Outlets Affect Neighborhood Violence
By Kathryn Stewart
A brief report prepared by The Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
February 2005


Prevention of Murders in Diadema, Brazil:
The Influence of New Alcohol Policies

A brief report prepared by The Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
October 2004


Why is Work Intensity Associated With Heavy Alcohol Use Among Adolescents?
By Mallie J. Paschall, Ph.D., Robert L. Flewelling, Ph.D. and Theresa Russell, M.A.
Journal of Adolescent Health
January 2004


Putting Research into Action: A Symposium on the Implementation of Research-Based Impaired Driving Countermeasures
By Kathryn G. Stewart
Transportation Research Board
Committee on Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Transportation
January 2004
Preventing Alcohol-Related Problems: Alcohol Policy Challenges
By Joel Grube


Preventing Underage Alcohol Access: Essential Elements for Policy, Deterrence and Public Support
Prevention Research Center
January 2004