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Alcohol Outlet Control


More and more research shows that the location and operation of bars, stores, and restaurants that serve and sell alcohol affect the level and type of a host of problems in the community, including violence, impaired driving, neighborhood quality of life, and underage drinking. More and more communities are trying to make a difference by exerting more control over how alcohol outlets are located, licensed, and regulated.

The Prevention Research Center has carried out some of the key research in this area. Following are materials that provide more information about alcohol outlet control.


How do Alcohol Hours of Sale Affect Alcohol Problems?

The Role of Outlet Location and Density in Alcohol Problems: What Communities Can Do

Traffic Safety and Alcohol Regulation

How Alcohol Outlets Affect Neighborhood Violence

Prevention of Murders in Diadema, Brazil:
The Influence of New Alcohol Policies

Preventing Alcohol-Related Problems: Alcohol Policy Challenges

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August 2013

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July 2012

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July 2012

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December 2009

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September 2009

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May 2009

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September 2008

Report shows concentration of bars, liquor stores linked to neighborhood violence
May 2005

Change in Bar Closing Time Cuts Murder Rate in Brazilian Town
January 2005


Community Based Projects to Prevent Underage Drinking
By Kathryn Stewart

Presentation from "The Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center: 6th Annual National Leadership Conference."

The Shop on the Corner: How Outlet Location Affects Alcohol Problems

  Findings Is the physical availability of alcohol and illicit drugs related to neighborhood rates of child maltreatment?
Story of Discovery

Preventing Alcohol Trauma: A Community Trial
Story of Discovery

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