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College Drinking

Drinking among college students frequently leads to serious health and social problems. These include immediate problems, such as alcohol poisoning and alcohol related traffic crashes, as well as long term problems, such as academic failure and chronic alcohol abuse. Research has been carried out at PRC and other organizations to measure the magnitude and nature of the problem and to identify effective interventions.

Many of the most effective strategies involve changing the community and campus environment around alcohol use and sales. For an example of the use of environmental strategies in whole communities, read the synopsis of the Community Trials project carried out by PRC.

Following are materials that provide more information about college drinking and prevention strategies.

In The News College drinking is not a given
By Paul Gruenewald and Robert Saltz
Christian Science Monitor - December 14, 2004

Publications "Facts and Myths about College Drinking: A Serious Problem with Serious Solutions"
By Kathryn Stewart
Prevention Research Center
May 2013

Media Releases Safer Colleges can Reduce Heavy Drinking
April 2011

Dangerous college drinking: Prevention is possible, studies suggest
June 2009

Colleges, communities combat off-campus student drinking
June 2009

As College Drinking Problems Rise, New Studies Identify Effective Prevention Strategies
June 2009

College students bingeing to extremes
Heavy drinking among college students
September 2004

Findings Ethnic Differences in the Effect of College on Drinking
Story of Discovery
By M.J. Paschall, Melina Bersamin, and Robert Flewelling

  Catastrophic Drinking Among College Students
Story of Discovery
By Paul Gruenewald, Ph.D.

  Preventing Alcohol Problems Among College Students:
A Campus and Community Resource Guide

  Ongoing PRC Research Projects
  Science to Practice: Developing and testing a marketing strategy for preventing alcohol-related problems in college communities
Principal Investigator: Robert F. Saltz, Ph.D.

  Safer Colleges and Universities: A UC-System Evaluation
Principal Investigator: Robert F. Saltz, Ph.D.