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New instrument available to rate the effectiveness of local tobacco policies
Lipperman-Kreda, S., Friend, K.B., and Grube, J.W.

Developing a valid and reliable measurement approach for rating the effectiveness of local tobacco control policies would provide an important research tool for studying the impact of such policies on tobacco use and related outcomes. Moreover, the information provided by such a tool could help policymakers and prevention specialists select and implement policies shown to be effective. Previous efforts to rate tobacco policies have been focused primarily on policies implemented at the state and federal levels.

A new instrument designed specifically to obtain effectiveness ratings for local tobacco policies in 50 mid-sized California municipalities was developed and tested. We first identified all existing local tobacco ordinances in these communities and then integrated those ordinances into a survey instrument to obtain ratings of their effectiveness. The instrument was pilot tested, revised, and then distributed to 40 tobacco control researchers and prevention specialists who rated each policy for effectiveness. Effectiveness results were used to score the 50 communities.

This instrument is now available to researchers and others who wish to assess local tobacco policies.

Tobacco Rating Scale